Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Deep Conditioner- Talk about Simple!

It seems that whatever hair issues I have, Naptural85 creates a video and it works!  Her most recent video was very helpful.  I have been experiencing dry and rough ends no matter what I did.  I have been washing with the Conditioner bars recently, but I mainly use the mud wash.  I then follow up with aloe vera gel/juice and my shea butter mix for sealing.  My hair is always dry by the next day, especially my ends.  And before you ask, yes I sleep with a satin scarf and pillowcase, lol!  I have even tried incoporating creamy leave-ins back into my regimen. 

I would have to drench my ends in water and/or flaxseed gel and seal again with shea butter.  And only after three days of doing this would my end soften, maybe and be greasy,ugh.  Plus, after a week of working out in the gym, I have to at least  rinse my hair and start this dang process all over again, smh!  This also stops me from ever really fully stretching my hair and attaining any length. 

Anyhoo, I tried her deep conditioner method and after washing I covered my hair, focusing on the ends, with coconut oil.  I then placed a shower cap over my hair and then tied it with a satin scarf to hold my body heat. I kept the shower cap on for a few hours and then proceeded to french twist my hair and seal with solid lanolin( giving this a try, learn more here about the benefits).  I did not rinse at all because coconut oil penetrates the hair strands and does not seal out moisture so I found no reason to rinse.  My ends were soft from the get go and they still are  four days later, I'm loving it!

I had originally planned to do this treatment at my gyms steam room (huetiful steamer on a budget, lol), but that old trusty Chicago weather snowed me in. I also remember reading somewhere that my hair idol, Tracee Ellis Ross, did a similar treatment in her steam room and loves it. Relaxing after a hard workout and treating your hair sounds good to me!

Next time I will do the treatment in a steam room using Vatika Coconut oil, but if I'm in a rush or can't make it to my gym, I will do the baggy method at home.

What I find funny is, I have tried so many products and recipes, and simple coconut oil and water did the trick.  Just reinforcing my Keep it Simple mantra! 

P.S I'm getting much better on my IJ'ism (ingredients junkie).  I only have two saved carts at Mountain Rose Herbs & Texas Naturals Supply.  That's an improvement for me, lol!  Still working on cutting down on things in regimen.  My goal is to limit myself to as much local items as possible and only purchase a few of my favorite premade products online.



  1. I found your site today. I like it here. I'll be visiting more often, I'm sure. ;-) I like mixing things too!

  2. Welcome and feel free to share your mixes, I love trying new things!

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  7. I know I'm late to the party but there's a way to steam your hair without a steamer that I use and LOVE it, so you can do it at home anytime with items you already have in your house.

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