Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

I have recently started my own Ayurvedic Challenge this month.  I have to admitted, I am not really liking the rinsing out the paste part.  Because I have all these powders and I hate to waste, I have decided to make my own Ayurvedic Shampoo bar.

Now, I'm not really keen on using Lye, so I have decided to use Castile Soap as my base. (Got idea from Natural Beauty Basics: Create Your Own Cosmetics and Body Care Products) You can also use pure soap a.k.a Ivory Soap or the melt and pour method.

Ignore the messy table

1 bar of Peppermint Castile Soap-Grated ( What I had already)
3 tsp of Brahmi
3 tsp of Amla
2 tsp  of Shikaki
1 tsp of Neem Powder
3tsp of Bhringraj Oil
3 tsp of Shea Butter
2 tsp of Coconut Milk

2nd Recipe( Couldn't Find some of the items in my house, LOL! So I had to improvise)

1 bar of Peppermint Castile Soap-Grated ( What I had already)
3 tsp of Brahmi
3 tsp of Amla
2 tsp  of Shikaki
1 tsp of Neem Powder
3tsp of Bhringraj Oil
2 tsp of Henna Powder
1 tbsp of Honey

  • Take grated Castile soap and add Bhringraj Oil
  • Cover glass bowl and let Sit Overnight
  • Place all ingredients in food processor/blender
  • If using and essential oil, add one drop at a time ( mine already has peppermint bar)
  • Wet your hands and form soap into balls using 1/2 cup of mixture at a time
  • Place the soap balls on waxed paper until dry and firm ( The larger the soap ball the longer it will take to dry)
 NOTE:  After using this bar, I would try decreasing the amount of herbs used, so as not to overpower the actual soap.  I might as well just did the full Ayurvedic Paste method. 

I know this looks gross, but I really want the benefits of the Ayurvedic herbs, So this is my alternative to using the paste.

Maybe next time I wll press the mix into a pretty soap mold!!

Ayurvedic Conditioner Mix

(My paste looked very similar this)

3 tsp Brahmi Powder
3 tsp  Amla Powder
3 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
3 tsp Bhringraj Oil
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/4 Herbal Essence Hello Hydration


You should pre-treat your hair with Coconut Oil(or other oils) before applying Ayurvedic mixtures
Cover hair with plastic cap and Let Sit on hair for one hours 
Take ingredients and mix in glass bowl
Rinse Coconut Oil from hair using lukewarm water
Apply mixture from scalp to ends
Massage into scalp and them cover with plastic cap
Let sit on hair for AT LEAST 45 minutes to overnight

This mixture can be used as a pre poo as well!!

My hair was super soft and thick after this conditioner mix.  I then followed up with a leave-in conditioner, flat twisted me hair and sealed my ends with coconut oil.  I am currently wearing protective styles, to give my hair a break and help my growth. (Plus, I don't want to do my hair)

Throughout the week I will follow-up with an Ayurvedic oil scalp massage, seal my ends and re-twist the hair.

I will post picture comparisons throughout the 6 month Ayurvedic Challenge!
Note:  It is much easier to rinse paste from hair by lying down in tub or dunking your head in sink.