Saturday, July 30, 2011

Skin Oil

This oil is light and non greasy; great for hot summer months!  I suggest you use this oil immediately after your shower/bath, DON'T towel dry!  You can just seal in the moisturizing water and air dry.   In the colder and dryer months add heavier oils like castor oil, coconut oil and shea oil. 

This oil is very healthy and good for your skin and you don't have to worry about the necessary preservatives used in lotions( water based products).


40% Avocado Oil
50% Almond Oil
10% Jojoba Oil

FYI:  Each of these oils can be used individually for your skin also


Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Oil

This hair oil is what I use to seal my ends after I wash and lightly french twist my hair to stretch my natural curl pattern out; no gel needed and for sealing in daily moisture routine.  I also just use shea oil on it's own when I'm not trying to be fancy.  Leaves my hair soft, shiny and moisturized! 

Because my current regimen is very moisturizing, I find that I don't need as much stylers to hold my curl pattern.  Currently I have been liking my twist outs better just using oils rather than flax seed gel, when I have time to let my hair fully dry. 


70% Shea Oil
10% Jojoba Oil
10% Coconut Oil
5%Castor Oil
5% Vitamen E Oil
5% Rosemary Extract
EO optional

Like most oils, this too can be used for the skin, but it will be a litlle oily, so beware!


Hair Pomade/ Whipped Butter

This pomade can be used for both skin and hair honestly.  But for hair, it can be used to help style hair in twists,wash n gos, etc, lay those edges down and seal in moisture.  You can also mix this with flaxseed gel to make your own curly pudding, but I would suggest you make that in small amounts because flax seed gel must be refrigerated and has a short shelf life.

20% Shea Butter
10% Jojoba Oil
20% Cocoa Butter
15%  Mango Butter
5% Castor Oil
20% Coconut Oil
5% Rosemary Extract
5% Vitamin E Oil
EO optional

This mixture is of oils I like for my hair, but could be used for my skin as well.  If I were to make this whipped butter for my skin, I would add/substitute almond/avocado oil. 

I'm also really interested in trying Jojoba butter. I'm not a real fan of shea butter for hair most days, but I like it at the same time for it's weight and staying power in the winter months.

  1. Take Butters an oils and weigh out each
  2. Place butters in double boiler or microwave(at low power) and allow to soften, not melt. 
  3. Add Coconut oil, jojoba oil, Castor oil 
  4. Remove  mixture from heat source
  5. Pour mixture into glass bowl
  6. Begin mixing for 5 minutes
  7. Allow mixture to cool and solidify a little
  8. Mix again for 4-10 minutes or until fluffy
  9. Add rosemary extract and vitamin E oil
  10. Mix
  11. Place pomade in desired jar and store in cool & dry area

Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Lip Balm

Lip Balm
20% Cocoa Butter
33% Mango Butter
20%   Beeswax
20% Coconut Oil/Oil Blend
 5% Vitamin E Oil
 2% Honey/Glycerin
       Flavor optional
       Mica optional

I made 2 oz using this formula.  This made me 2; 1/2oz tube (1 w/ bananna flavor and 1 plain), 1: 1/4oz tin and 3: .15oz tubes w/cellini red mica.  Although the mica was red, it came out pinkish when mixed w/ the balm and lip gloss.(lip gloss was unpetroleum jelly with mica)


  1. Measure out beeswax and place in double boiler
  2. Measure out oils and butters ( add butter(s) last)
  3. Keep fire low so not to over cook butters and increase probability of rancidity
  4. Add Honey
  5. After beeswax, oils and butters have melted, pour into stainless steel bowl or glass pyrex cup(easier to pour)
  6. Allow to cool slightly and add Vitamen E Oil
  7. At this point you can add mica/flavoring/Essential Oils
  8. If you want make some plain and some w/ mica/flavoring/Essential Oils seperate the batch.
  9. Pour into clean and sterilized containers

I also found this cool post about the benefits of beeswax lip balm:see here

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair Detox Results

I completed my 7 day hair detox using the Terressential clay wash about a week ago, I think.  I purchased the sample kit(4, 2oz bottles), to try all the different clay washes at once so if I liked the wash, I wouldn't waste my money purchasing large bottles and not liking it. You will need 8oz of the wash to fully detox your hair in the beginning FYI.
 I would recommend you read their descriptions and suggestion for your hair type.  My hair is very dry,  thick and curly, so like they recommended, the Lavender wash and Fragrance Free were the best for my hair.  The other washes left my hair feeling dry tangled and hard, ugh!  Thank goodness once I rinsed the others out my hair was able to bounce back, but once rinsed out, my hair still felt better than after any commercial shampoo I have ever used.

I followed up each wash by simply applying shea oil or a shea oil & castor oil combo from root to end.  Because I was washing my hair daily, I didn't really bother with styling, so I just took several sections of my hair and lightly french twisted the hair to stretch out my natural curl pattern, but not to disturb the curls.  I then tied my hair up with a satin scarf. 

Pics coming soon, I keep taking pics and not liking them, lol!

My hair was soooo soft, shiny and moisturized all week.  It was wonderful!  The hair in the front of head is even starting to form curls again.  Before, it would always stay straight or wave up and look fuzzy no matter what product I applied, while the rest of my hair curled up, smh!  

I have noticed  some hairs popping as I finger comb, but that may be due to the fact I don't have any more synthetic ingredients holding damaged hair together.  I may start doing protein treatments or just see what happens after my next henna treatment.  We shall see!

Basically, I think I'm in love, lol!!  I feel like the clay has lifted all the product off my hair and revealed it's true luster.  My hair was always so dull before, but not anymore!!

So, this is a DIY blog right?

If you don't want to shell out the money for the bottles or just want to give this recipe a try, then just buy you some bentonite clay, essential oils and aloe vera juice/gel.  See here for sample recipe.  There is no shame here, I will be ordering bulk organic bentonite clay and rhassoul clay to mix myself from now own.  It's cheaper and fun to me, lol!  This way I can make my own variations using hydrosols, EO"S, extracts, and tea infusions,etc.  A lbs of organic bentonite clay costs about $6 and rhassoul clay $9. 

PS, I have stuff to get rid of, see here for the list and let me know if your interested!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning

Here is a easy way to clean your makeup brushes.

  • Use a mild baby shampoo or any leftover shampoo you didn't like for your hair.
  • Take an napkin or sponge and wet with water and a dab of shampoo
  • Take the your brushes and wet, making sure water does not go into the handle.

    • For Flat Brushes( eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc)
      • With brush horizontal to sponge/napkin wipe brush across making sure not to disturb bristles
        • Do NOT press brush down, you will ruin it.
        • Wipe brush in the opposite direction of the brush bristles
      • Turn brush from one side to another until clean
      • Let dry

    • For Foundation Brushes
      • With the handle facing upward swirl your brush in a circular motion across sponge/napkin
        • Do not Smush Brush into napkin Sponge
        • Keep doing this until the napkin/sponge does not pick up any more dirt
        • Take brush and reform the shape with your hand gently
        • Allow to dry


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Sale

Sodium Lactate 5 oz (humectant)
Aphogee Shampoo ( used 1-3x)
Aphogee 2 mintue Constructer ( used 1-3x)
Jasmine Oil 95% full
DL Panthenol 4oz ( conditioner, 95% full)
Extraordinary XG 2oz( thickener and makes gel) 95% full
Neem Powder (never used)
Optihphen ( preservative)
Liquid Germall Plus ( preservative for gel and water containing formulas)
Leucidal Liquid 1oz(natural preservative, never used)
Tinosan SDC 1oz ( natural preservative & deodorant) never used
Shikaka Powder (box never used)

Sesame Seed Oil ( never opened)

May need to update w/some more. I'm cleaning out this stuff. Nothing wrong with the items, just don;t want it anymore.

I also posted on the curly nikki forum, so first come  first serve.  I would prefer to sell all at once!

Just send me an email:

Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY Face Wash

It's summer and the OCM method leaves my oily skin feeling oily, lol! and covered no matter how many times I rinse/wipe, so I've been looking into other natural soaps,etc.  I've currently been using up the last of some Mary Kay products I purchased over a year ago, but I'm not going to buy them again.

I like black soap, but I just have not went to get any( the brand, Dudu-Osun, I like isnt sold commercially at all, so it's usually a search) so I'm going to try castile soap.

My recipe: 

19% Dr. Bronners Castile Soap w/ Lavender
6% tbsp Jojoba Oil (moisture)
75% Distilled Water  (Dilute if too strong and drying) Optional
Lecithin ( natural thickner & stabilizer) Optional

I will follow this up with Witch Hazel(astringet & toner) and Aloe Vera Gel(moisturizer)!!

You can add EO's, honey, ACV, Witch Hazel, etc.  Just find what you like and mix it up!!


Keeping it even MORE Simple! ( No Products)

I tried the clay wash last night(see here) and learned that it's best to not use a bunch of products when using this method to wash your hair.  This clay is USDA certified organic so, no guessing.  Side note, I learned from Terressential customer care about a California lawsuit against hair companies that market their products as natural/organic, yet actually use chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  SMH!  I knew this, but two companies that I have used were on this shortlist.  Check it out here & here !!

Anyhoo, as I mentioned before, clay washing calls for no products to avoid buildup, etc and Terressential's highly suggest that you only need natural organic ingredients.  I was recommend oils and butters for my hair, so I have decided to use these products exclusively for 2 months and give this regimen a try.

In my previous post here, about keeping it simple, I was still using a leave-in, styling lotion and several different conditioners for co-washing, thus still suffering from a little PJism, LOL!  But now, my regimen will be product free.  And by product I mean no already concocted hair stuff by a manufacturer.   
What I will use to maintain my hair:

  • Clay Wash ( Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay)
  • Oil or Butter Blend
    • examples: Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coco Butter, Coconut Oil (may make my own mixture or just choose one, I'm not sure yet)
  • Water ( Rosewater, Tap water, Distilled water)
  • Aloe Vera Juice/Gel
  • Flaxseed Gel

That's it, Let see how this goes, fingers crossed!!  I will be going from 11 or 12 items to 5, hmm!  I will start this regimen as soon as I receive my clay wash and get my Devachan dry curly cut!!!

If this works, my pockets will love it, Lol and I will have product I must get rid of!! 

Stay Tuned!

Note: PJism still in effect, now trying to buy up every oil/butter I read about....must fight temptations, LOL!

Hair Detox

Ok, I have made post about hair mud and clay washing and I finally tried it last night and ordered some from Terressentials to see their ingredients.

Anyhoo, on the Internet you will find several descriptions of how and why to use clay for your hair.  Some people market it as a deep conditioner, while others market it as a detox or "shampoo".  The fact is it's both.  The clay will clean and condition your hair, allowing you to eliminate many products from your regimen.  It works by absorbing and "lifting" particles from your hair in scalp.   

When you first start using the clay, you should detox your hair and scalp.  It is not recommended that you use this method and continue to use chemicals and synthetic product in your daily routine.  Otherwise you will always be detoxing your hair and it's not meant to remove buildup like regular commercial surfactants.  It's basically a waste of time.  You may think about using it every 6 months if you can't wrap your head around no product regimen. 

I know, I know, no product, how you do that?  I must admit I am very confused by this, but still going to give it a try.  I will be using ONLY organic ingredients to style and moisturize my hair, see here.  As I mention before here, water is the best moisturizer hands down followed by an oil/butter to seal.  I pretty much do this already, but always use a leave in after my shampoo and styling sessions. 

Hair detox takes a about 1 week using Terressential's clay and I recommend you follow it, because I didn't last night and my hair felt coated( which I read it could,lol), so their instructions are for your benefit!  As you detox your hair, it should improve!

Detox Protocol via Terressentials

Day 1:     Three washes, as outlined above (one after the other, leaving the mud on the hair for several minutes before rinsing after the third wash). This is all in the same bath/shower - it's not necessary to take three separate showers!
Day 2:     Three washes
Day 3:     Two washes
Day 4:     Two washes
Days 5-7+:     One wash

What I did last night:

Bentonite Clay 1/3 cup
Castor Oil 2 tbsp
Lavender, Peppermint  and Lemongrass EO  10 drops
Aloe Vera Gel  1 tbsp
Water mix until desired consistency
ACV  1 tsp

My hair smelled sooo good!!

I applied, let sit for 5-10 minutes and rinsed in shower.  My curls were popping, but my hair felt coated because I did not do the three washes, but My hair was so shiny, soft and conditioned.  Can't imagine how good the results would have been if I did it right.  I then styled my hair with Castor oil and Flaxseed gel.


Note:  You should really read Terresstenials instruction before purchasing, I didn't, I'm hard headed, but luckily I'm willing to give it a try!!   Naptural85 uses this clay wash and no "products" and her hair is awesome, so there is hope!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Soap ( Brief Explanation)

Ok, I haven't done this yet, because I just haven't had time yet, sorry.  But there was a reader who had questions about how to make shampoo/soap bars.  I did some quick research and decided that I would try the melt and pour process for making soap, because I really am just not interested in dealing with lye on my own.  It's a very sensitive process and dangerous ingredient to handle.  It's just not for me, lol!

I have however tried a cold process soap bar, that contained no sulfates and loved it.  See here.  I also have sample bars of Henna Sooq's Cocoveda, Argan Oil, Berhempsu and Morrocan Clay shampoo bars.  So depending on the M&P, I think the soaps should work well for both the hair and body.  Like any product some like it and some don't.  The bar I am currently using as a shampoo is great for me, it cleans my hair without stripping it!

Anyhoo, here's what I learned.  Below you will find a quick explanation for different processes and instruction links.  I urge you to use this as a reference and to continue to do some more research. 

Melt & Pour Soap
     This type of soap making is just as it sounds.  You get a block of soap and you melt it and pouring into desired mold.  Adding some ingredients is optional .  Done! 

     Now, with M&P soap, there is only so much ingredients you can add to it, otherwise your soap will come out wrong, i.e. too soft.  You can add oils, herbs, essential oils,color, fragrance but be aware that whatever you add will affect your soap.  For example, for each batch of soap you can only add about .25 ounces of oil or 1 tbsp.  So M&P Soap is not really that easy to personalize, in my opinion.  

    So, if your like me and don't want to use lye, I would also look for M&P that state they have no sulfates and use kosher glycerin and already have cool ingredients in them already like hemp seed oil, honey, shea butter, aloe vera, etc.  This way they already have desired ingredients and only need to add a few additions like EO's or dried herbs that won't mess with the end product so much!

You can find basic instructions here
Recommended Calculator for this method here

Cold Process Soap
     This is for those that really want to make them some soap, Lol!  This is a true DIY project.  It is basically the combination of lye, fatty acids(oils) and water.  This process takes up about 6 weeks.  Once the ingredients are mixed the period of saponification occurs, resulting in soap.  This is the binding of the oils, water and lye to create what we know as soap.

     I believe this method allows much more personalization using beer, ACV, etc.( FYI, this is usually a much more complicated process)

You can find basic instruction here

Hot Process
   This is basically the cold process with a twist.  You mix the ingredients and place over a heat source. This process basically speeds up the saponification period by allowing the excess water to evaporate and once cooled is ready for use.

Whipped Soap (Foaming Bath Butter)
   Very creamy soap, great for shaving and making ice cream soap, etc.  Very tricky process.  I haven't really found out how to make it, but there are books out there if your curious.   This soap sounds moisturizing since the one at Brambleberry uses Shea Butter, sound great!!  You can make this recipe, but it requires skill and/or you can buy the base. 

Liquid Bases
   You can use these to make shampoo or liquid hand soaps etc.  I tend to not like these bases because most contain sulfates, but you can use Castile soap as an alternative.  No need for added preservatives, etc.

Rebatch Soap
   Rebatch soap is very similar to M&P, but it is fresher and instead of coming in a block it will come in little "shreds'.  It is essentially the results of cold processed soap, that has not had water added yet.  It's like the best of both worlds, the soap is fresher and you don't have to deal with the lye yourself.  It also has the same ingredient restrictions as M&P.

You can find basic instruction here
Recommended Calculator for this method here

1 Bar at a time
Another quick method is to just buy a bar of soap(plain ivory or castile,etc) and add certain ingredients to that.  See post here for an ayurvedic shampoo "bar" I made.  Some will melt down a bar of soap and add castor oil or sunflower oil to make a shaving cream, etc. 

Recipe Example:
M&P Soap
1 tbsp Castor Oil
1 tsp Bentonite Clay  ( Adds slip; you can add more, but could irritate your skin) is a great source for learning about soap making and different ideas.  The forum is very helpful as well.  In my brief search I found people to be very helpful and I plan to order some soap from Brambleberry!

Some other resources I was given :