Friday, July 8, 2011

Hair Detox

Ok, I have made post about hair mud and clay washing and I finally tried it last night and ordered some from Terressentials to see their ingredients.

Anyhoo, on the Internet you will find several descriptions of how and why to use clay for your hair.  Some people market it as a deep conditioner, while others market it as a detox or "shampoo".  The fact is it's both.  The clay will clean and condition your hair, allowing you to eliminate many products from your regimen.  It works by absorbing and "lifting" particles from your hair in scalp.   

When you first start using the clay, you should detox your hair and scalp.  It is not recommended that you use this method and continue to use chemicals and synthetic product in your daily routine.  Otherwise you will always be detoxing your hair and it's not meant to remove buildup like regular commercial surfactants.  It's basically a waste of time.  You may think about using it every 6 months if you can't wrap your head around no product regimen. 

I know, I know, no product, how you do that?  I must admit I am very confused by this, but still going to give it a try.  I will be using ONLY organic ingredients to style and moisturize my hair, see here.  As I mention before here, water is the best moisturizer hands down followed by an oil/butter to seal.  I pretty much do this already, but always use a leave in after my shampoo and styling sessions. 

Hair detox takes a about 1 week using Terressential's clay and I recommend you follow it, because I didn't last night and my hair felt coated( which I read it could,lol), so their instructions are for your benefit!  As you detox your hair, it should improve!

Detox Protocol via Terressentials

Day 1:     Three washes, as outlined above (one after the other, leaving the mud on the hair for several minutes before rinsing after the third wash). This is all in the same bath/shower - it's not necessary to take three separate showers!
Day 2:     Three washes
Day 3:     Two washes
Day 4:     Two washes
Days 5-7+:     One wash

What I did last night:

Bentonite Clay 1/3 cup
Castor Oil 2 tbsp
Lavender, Peppermint  and Lemongrass EO  10 drops
Aloe Vera Gel  1 tbsp
Water mix until desired consistency
ACV  1 tsp

My hair smelled sooo good!!

I applied, let sit for 5-10 minutes and rinsed in shower.  My curls were popping, but my hair felt coated because I did not do the three washes, but My hair was so shiny, soft and conditioned.  Can't imagine how good the results would have been if I did it right.  I then styled my hair with Castor oil and Flaxseed gel.


Note:  You should really read Terresstenials instruction before purchasing, I didn't, I'm hard headed, but luckily I'm willing to give it a try!!   Naptural85 uses this clay wash and no "products" and her hair is awesome, so there is hope!!

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