Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair Detox Results

I completed my 7 day hair detox using the Terressential clay wash about a week ago, I think.  I purchased the sample kit(4, 2oz bottles), to try all the different clay washes at once so if I liked the wash, I wouldn't waste my money purchasing large bottles and not liking it. You will need 8oz of the wash to fully detox your hair in the beginning FYI.
 I would recommend you read their descriptions and suggestion for your hair type.  My hair is very dry,  thick and curly, so like they recommended, the Lavender wash and Fragrance Free were the best for my hair.  The other washes left my hair feeling dry tangled and hard, ugh!  Thank goodness once I rinsed the others out my hair was able to bounce back, but once rinsed out, my hair still felt better than after any commercial shampoo I have ever used.

I followed up each wash by simply applying shea oil or a shea oil & castor oil combo from root to end.  Because I was washing my hair daily, I didn't really bother with styling, so I just took several sections of my hair and lightly french twisted the hair to stretch out my natural curl pattern, but not to disturb the curls.  I then tied my hair up with a satin scarf. 

Pics coming soon, I keep taking pics and not liking them, lol!

My hair was soooo soft, shiny and moisturized all week.  It was wonderful!  The hair in the front of head is even starting to form curls again.  Before, it would always stay straight or wave up and look fuzzy no matter what product I applied, while the rest of my hair curled up, smh!  

I have noticed  some hairs popping as I finger comb, but that may be due to the fact I don't have any more synthetic ingredients holding damaged hair together.  I may start doing protein treatments or just see what happens after my next henna treatment.  We shall see!

Basically, I think I'm in love, lol!!  I feel like the clay has lifted all the product off my hair and revealed it's true luster.  My hair was always so dull before, but not anymore!!

So, this is a DIY blog right?

If you don't want to shell out the money for the bottles or just want to give this recipe a try, then just buy you some bentonite clay, essential oils and aloe vera juice/gel.  See here for sample recipe.  There is no shame here, I will be ordering bulk organic bentonite clay and rhassoul clay to mix myself from now own.  It's cheaper and fun to me, lol!  This way I can make my own variations using hydrosols, EO"S, extracts, and tea infusions,etc.  A lbs of organic bentonite clay costs about $6 and rhassoul clay $9. 

PS, I have stuff to get rid of, see here for the list and let me know if your interested!


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