Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ayurvedic "Grease"


Phase 1

Coconut Oil   13.5%
Castor Oil   24%
Shea Butter 6.7%
Cocoa Butter 6.7%
Beeswax     3% (optional)
Vitamin E Oil 1%
Bringraj Oil  20%
Almond Oil Infusion(Nettle,Hibiscus, Brahmi, & Amla)  23.9%

Phase 2
Rosemary Extract  .3%
Tea Tree Oil   .3%
Lavender EO  .6%


  1. Make Herbal Infusion (1 cup dried/powedered herbs and 8oz Carrier Oil)
    1. Using a double boiler gently heat the oil and herbs for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with stainless steel spoon    Make sure heat is low so as not to cook the herbs and oil, thus causing rancidity.
  2. Let cool and then strain infusion and place in cobalt glass jar, label with date. ( Keep Refrigerated & Should last 3 monthes)
  3. Measure out each oil using a digital scale and place into stainless steel bowl.
    1. For example, jojoba oil 23.4% of 4oz would = .94oz. 
  4. Measure out Beeswax
  5. Place Oil mixture into double boiler and add beeswax.  Let mixture heat on medium until beeswax melts.  Not too hot though
  6. Measure out each part of phase 2 and place into stainless steel bowl
  7. Let oil mixture cool a little and add Vitamin E Oil, Stir
  8. Add Oil & beeswax mixture to Phase 2, Stir
  9. Add EO if desired
  10. Allow mixture to cool and place into sterilized jar.  Label with date. 

Avoid getting water into mixture this has no preservative.