Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Herbs For the Hair

What herbs do I need or could my hair benefit from?  There are so many herbs out there that serve what seems like a never ending purpose.  Here are some herbs that are great for the hair!


Lavender- scent, stimulate hair growth
Lemon- hair lightener, shiny hair, scalp refresher, oily hair
Lemon Balm- scent and stimulate hair Growth
Lemongrass- scent, dandruff, oily hair, dandruff, hair volume
Clary S
- dandruff and hair growth
Thyme- darken hair, dandruff and silky hair
Ylang-Ylang- scent- hair tonics
Basil- provides scent, improves hair growth and assists in de-tangling
Burdock Root- Add to shampoos, conditioners and rinses for dandruff and hair loss
Calendula- good for blondes in shampoos, conditioners and rinses
Clove Buds- Brunettes and red heads
Cornflower-  blonde gray and white hair rinses
Fennel Seed-  scent shampoos
Rose- dry hair, scent,
Rosemary- hair growth, scent, darken gray hair, hair loss dandruff, remove excess oil
Nettle- antibacterial and anti fungal, astringent, dandruff, add shine, hair loss, grey hair prevention, conditioner
Southernwood- hair loss, hot oil treatment for dry hair with EVOO, brings out highlights
Watercress- Thick hair
Kelp- Oily hair, promotes shine
Patchouli- Dandruff
Plantain- dandruff
Red Clover- dry damaged hair
Frankincense - scent
Peppermint- scalp stimulator and hair growth
Green and Black Tea
Witch Hazel Bark- dandruff, remedy oily hair
Tea Tree- dandruff, prevent head lice, anti septic
Sandalwood- adds shine and scent
Eucalyptus- dandruff
Henna- natural dye, conditioner, hair strengthener, adds body and shine, cleanses scalp
Hibiscus- reddish tint, good for dry hair, conditioner hair growth and treat dandruff
Aloe Vera-  moisturizer and conditioner. Also gel provides hold
Geranium- add to shampoo/conditioners/rinses for oily hair
Ginger root- antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
Horsetail- strengthen hair, oily hair and dandruff
Marshmallow Root- nourishing for dry hair

Essential Oils:


  1. what about laurel oil?
    are there more herbs that help in hair growth ?
    and are there any that can get rid of and prevent split ends?

  2. Lilia, there are no herbs that prevent split ends, the best way to prevent and minimize split ends is to keep hair moisturized and the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. The best way to do this is use water and/or water based products and seal in that moisture using oils and butters.

    As for laurel oil, I have never heard of that, what are it's benefits?

    And these are only the herbs I know of, plus Ayurvedic herbs, see my Ayurvedic posts that list those herbs and their benefits.

    In my research, the trick to hair growth is honestly retention which requires a good moisturizing regimen with minimal stress on your hair. I love henna, it changed the state of my hair completely, but that is my experience.


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