Monday, December 13, 2010

Henna Application

I did my first Henna application this weekend using the Curlynikki method!!!

For an explanation of the ingredients go to the post about Ayurvedic Herbs & Oils.

75 g Jamila Body Art Quality Henna
25 g Amla Powder
100g Indigo
Distilled Water
3 Green Tea Bags

First I mixed the amla and henna with green tea and covered with Saran Wrap while I co-wash and detangled my hair. 

                    Henna Powder                                              Henna Mixed with Green Tea

Then I mixed the indigo in a separate bowl and then added it and honey to the henna.  I the applied the paste to my hair and thoroughly coated my hair.  ( I didn't let the henna sit overnight prior to application because I didn't really have time and Curlynikki method purports the dye to release while applied to hair)

                       Indigo Powder                                                                                     Indigo and Henna being Mixed

( Sorry I forgot to take pic of Indigo paste)

I then wrapped my hair in Saran Wrap and then put a shower cap with a headband around the edge.

I then slept in the mixture and rinsed the next morning by dunking my head in my tub ( I clogged the tub LOL, It looked horrible and my uncle just looked at the water and then at me like WTH is this, SMH)

Anyhoo...After dunking my head in the water I finished rinsing out the paste and applied a deep treatment and sat underneath a dryer for 1 hour, then rinsed and did a basic ACV Rinse.  I used Aubrey's Organics Rosa M. Conditioner ( I didn't really like it though, might add some stuff to make it better)

My results:
                           Before                                                                                            After

My hair didn't come out as I hoped, I think next time I will do the henna and indigo separately, or maybe give it another try since says that desired results will come after multiple applications.  I will also give myself enough time and let the henna sit and allow the dye to fully release prior to application.
Hair is still wet, I will post updates and better pictures soon(I really need to find my camera charger), since they say it takes about three days to see the true results!


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