Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Minx Application

This is My first try at Minx application.  It is really a cool and somewhat easy process.  But Practice makes perfect, Right? 

I will be trying the Nail Rock brand soon!!!


1.  Remove all nail polish and dehydrate nail
2.  Turn on your heat lamp/hair dryer and place your fingers and sheets under for 30 seconds. This will activate the adhesion
3.  Choose a minx size and place on nail bed, while still under heat lamp/hair dryer ( you can trim the edges for a perfect fit)
4.  Take a cuticle pusher/birchwood stick and rub entire minx, sealing the tipes and edges well.  Pull Minx end down
5.  Remove from the heat and allow to cool for one minute.
6.  Take your crystal file and in a straight downward motion file the minx at the tip until the end is removed.  If Minx is peelingat the tip slightly file the tips on the top downward.
7.  To fix any creases etc, returnt to heat source and fix by rubbing with cuticle pusher.

Minx should last about 2 weeks depending on wear.  Remove with heat source.

It sounds easy, but take practice and patience.


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