Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Setting Lotion

This isn't really a recipe from scratch so to speak, but a mixture of store bought products to meet all my hair desires, LOL!  Many people have different renditions of this recipe, but this is what I had on deck and made me more comfortable than some of the large un preserved water based recipes called for. 

I have kind of slowed down on creating new recipes and just looking for good products at Whole Foods, etc. 

Anyhoo,  I have been doing my 1 month challenge of  Henna application every week and I have also been experimenting with hair styles( twists, twist outs, wash n gos).  One thing I can say is my hair has been retaining moisture like never before!!  I can easily go 3-4 days without re-applying any product as long as I tie it up and sleep on my satin pillow, but I digress.

Here is a good and most importantly Quick mixture of products that will provide your hair with moisture, hold, smoothing and sealing in moisture without the dry crunch of using setting lotion alone!

  • Knot Today/Allaffia Daily Leave-in Conditioner
  • Setting Lotion
  • Castor Oil
In a small bowl pour 1 tbsp Castor Oil, 1.5 tbsp Setting Lotion ( I sprayed about 3-5 pumps in the bowl) and then add in the Leave-in conditioner. You can use whatever your favorite leave-in conditioner is and setting lotion.  Stir and apply!

It's really easy and you can make just enough for one application with no worries of preservation, etc!  I don't know the setting lotion I used because I just poured it into a spray bottle over a year ago and decided to use the last of it.  I got it from Sally's though.  Once I use the last of this unknown blue setting lotion, I will be trying the Giovanni setting lotion.

The results of my flat twist out!

I have had so much trouble trying to perfect my twist outs, without all the frizz and I think I just found it!



  1. Beautiful!!! Your hair looks amazing

  2. How much conitioner did you use in the recipe please?!

  3. i'm not sure, but it was probably around 2-3 tbsp. I only make enough for one time because mixes need proper preservation and I'm no chemist, lol!