Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Epilator...Hmmmm?

I don't know about you, but I hate shaving, but like the results.  I don't like the required frequency and skin irritation, but I dislike hair,ugh.  I came across a video about epilators and I'm VERY curious to try it.  It gives you the same results as a wax without the expense overtime and the mess and burn risks of home application.  These epilators aren't cheap though....

Epilation lasts up to 6 weeks!!!  I would be happy with 1-2 weeks, though!

I have never done a wax either, other than my eyebrows, twice.  I usually thread my eyebrows only, but some thread their underarms and bikini line as well.

Many complain that it is very painful at first, like waxing, so I would use a numbing cream like baby gum numbing cream, 30 minutes before using( read this helped somewhere)!  I think I want to try the Emoji Emagine, because it is the most recommended brand and has the most tweezers (72), thus cutting down on time and skin irritation.

Hereare videos about epilation:

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