Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping it Simple

HI, my name is Ms. DIY and I'm a recovering product and formulating junkie, sigh!

I have learned a lot in this last year and enjoyed creating and mixing(product + ingredients) my own hair and skin care, but lately I have been wanting to keep it simple.  All these blogs, vlogs, forums etc can get so complicated and drawn out and quite frankly, my life right now can't fit all that stuff in.  I want a simple regimen, not a four step washing session that last hours, fifteen products, formulating and re-formulating, etc.  I can't buy everything someone raves about!!  Don't get me wrong, these resources are a blessing and have helped me so much, but sometimes it can become information/opinion overload.

I have ALL this crap and I just want to get rid of it all and/or use it up so I can move on, LOL! (contemplating selling a box of crap).  I spent a lot of time buying individual ingredients to formulate my own special spritz, curly pudding, leave-in, etc plus buying and experimenting with others products. 

The fact is formulating takes a lot of time, money and resources.  It's truly trial and error when formulating your products.  I bought all this crap and my hair has grown little, due to lack of moisture, proper sealing, and dye damage, inconsistent regimen, ugh.  Most of the products did little for my hair or I didn't like the feel.  I don't know about you, but I have other things to buy, other than hair stuff, I love shoes, clothes and have a personal trainer!!, LoL, I'm just saying!!

The most complicated thing I am currently doing at this time is my 1 month henna challenge, and this weekend is my last treatment, YAY!  But my hair is thanking me for it, though.  See more here about the henna challenge!


Here are some things that are quite frankly looked over and instead of buying a whole bunch of products and ingredients, you can get great results witha 1-3 products and simple ingredients that serve multiple functions as long as you have a good base aka moisturizing regimen!

Let's Keep it simple,

  • It is the BEST hair refresher out there, hands down, LOL!  I bought all these ingredients, panthenol, cosmocil, veggie glycerin, Sodium lactate, extracts, etc for a daily refresher recipe and leave-in and my hair likes water, PLAIN water as a refresher followed up with a light oil/moisturizer.  Go Figure.  Just spritz some water or splash ends using your hands, while scrunching to revitalize your curls. 
  • Also use it to set makeup, BAM!

Flax seeds:
  • Make Flax seed Gel: Just make enough flax seed gel for a week and forget all the store bought ones and making your own with adequate preservation.  No crunch, no drying, and preservative free!  Cheap too! If you want to get fancy use a hydrosol or tea infusion for water phase...
  • Grind flax seeds for facial exfoliation see recipe here
  • Grind Flax seeds and mix with yogurt, apple sauce, etc for constipation

Castor Oil/Olive oil/Coconut Oil/Shea Butter and Honey [Whatever your favorite oil(s)] 
  • Add to favorite conditioner for deep treatment!!
  • Use oils to seal your ends and as skin moisturizer/ lip balms
  • Remove Makeup
  • Use honey for lip/face exfoliation
  • Use it to seal your hair, add shine,
  • clean your face (OCM Method) 
  • make unpetroleum jelly
  • remove make up, etc.
Aloe Vera Gel/ Juice
  • Use as facial spritz or hair refresher
  • Use gel to define curls and hold those edges
  • Use as facial moisturizer
  • Apply as aftershave w/ tea tree oil
  • Use for sunburn and relief from skin irritation
Favorite Leave-In
  • Use after shampoo sessions and when styling
  • use monthly or 2x a week to thoroughly clean hair and scalp
  • use for co washing and cleansing your hair & scalp in between washes
  • great for those who workout
Setting Lotion
  • Use to hold and smooth those twist outs, bantu-knots, etc styles.  I combine with my favorite leave in for moisture and avoiding the crunch.
See, despite all the hype, you really only need to find a few basic ingredients and products that will help you get the desired results.  Many single items will work just fine, giving you more money in your pocket, more shelf space and reduce waste.  The hair industry is a billion dollar industry based off selling a whole bunch of stuff with very little botanical, etc and/or they charge up the wazoo(sp?) because it's a niche product, that actually cost so little to make.  SMH!

Keep it simple,  All your hair needs is a simple cleanser, leave in, conditioner, sealant and styling lotion for special style sessions! 5-8 items including oils, LOL!

How do you keep it simple? or Are you a product junkie?

Note:  When I first wrote this post, I had 12 different products & ingredients in my regimen( multiple conditioners and leave-ins), not to mention the additives I had like DL Panthenol, Sodium Lactate, etc.  I have simplified it even further to about 5 ingredients; NO PRODUCTS!!!  See here.


  1. Im a recovering PJ as well and Im def keeping it simple so far Ive found what works and Im seeing the results of that by just letting it be but umm..... what do you have in that box of crap lol

  2. So Much crap, lol. I will go through my stuff this weekend and make a list. I know I have ayurvedic herbs, Jasmine oil, Aphogee treatment stuff, etc!

  3. These are all the things i currently use along with Ayurvedic herbs. I just give all my old products away to the new PJ's and keep it simple :)