Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Lip Balm Base

This is my most recent lip balm creation.  It is the same as my previous recipe, except I added lanolin for it's moisturization and assistance w/ color adhesion in lip products.   

20% Cocoa Butter
30% Mango Butter
20% Beeswax
22% Carrier Oil
7% Lanolin
.25% Vitamen E Oil
.1% EO/Flavoring Oil  optional
.1%  Sweetner ( Honey, Glycerin, or Stevia) optional

Results: This lip balm is great, but my intentions to use it as a base for my liquid(creamy) lip colors is not so great since I will have to reheat the base in order to add color and the versagel.  I only make 1 lip color at a time to avoid wasting product and to experiment while I am learning the tricks to coloring lip products.  The balm, due to the butters, crytalizes from too much heating.   If you just want to make a nice balm, this recipe is great as long as you melt the butters once and slowly.  It is very soft during application and offers a slight shine to lips and lasts.  You can also add color to tint this balm as well. 

P.S  Add castor oil to make into  lip gloss.

Creamy Lip Color recipe coming soon!


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