Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lip Balm/Gloss Experiment

Since my hair is all braided up and honestly I have kind of tired of creating new products for my hair and skin ( body & facial cleaners) I have moved onto lips and nails, makeup and possibly candles!

This post is about lip products.  I've been cooking up some ideas and it's time to test them out now that I have ALL the supplies!

Soon I will be making all these types of lip balms & Lip colors below:
  1. Lip Balm (Base)
  2. Lip Balm w/ Castor Oil & Mica
  3. Lip Balm w/ versagel & Mica
  4. Vaseline w/ mica
Supplies Needed:

Equipment                                                                                             Ingredients
  • Double Boiler                                                                                Shea Butter
  • Lippie containers                                                                           Mango Butter
  • Alcohol                                                                                         Cocoa Butter
  • Wooden Spoon                                                                            Cocounut Oil
  • Toothpicks                                                                                   Castor Oil
  • Container for base Lip Balm                                                          Beeswax
  • Melter Cups                                                                                 Candilia Wax
  • Scale                                                                                            Lip safe Mica & dyes
  • Measurement Spoons                                                                   Versagel
  • Patience & Time                                                                           Vaseline
  • Coffee Grinder/Pestle & Mortar                                                    Rosemary Extract/Vitamen E Oil
Man!!  This seems like alot of work, but I'm impatient and I want to test out all these theories and decide on my favorite one for lip application.  I am always interested in saving money so, some would be a cheaper habit to maintain than others, i.e. Vaseline.   I am testing for feel, staying powder and pigmentation. 

As for the preservative, I say this is optional, but if you decide to opt out, try to make formulation for jars that do not require as much hand in jar or lip brush contamination.  You can also just make small amounts and throw away left overs after so much time.  Plus, these formulation are water free, which generally do not require preservatives.  Be careful not to get water in balm/glosses.

Stay tuned for my results!!

This blog and post is meant for fun only, not for sell.  Please do your own research and practice GMP and learn about preservation.  These products were not tested for sell. 

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