Monday, June 20, 2011

Henna One Month Challenge (Application #1)

So, I have decided to give henna applications one more try.  Curlynikki says that the effects of henna usually occur after three to four applications, so for the month of June, I have been doing henna treatments weekly ( wish me luck!). 

I will also be trying different styles each week.  Thestyles I will be trying are wash n go, flat twist out and  mini twist style as a protective style.  I am hoping to do them myself at first, but if I like them and it becomes a hassle and time consuming, I will seek out a professional, lol. 

I will be using BAQ Jamilia and some Jamilia Henna for Hair I bought at my local Indian grocer on Devon Ave( Chicago).  The difference between BAQ Jamilia and Henna for Hair is dye content.  BAQ henna has a higher dye content, unlike henna for hair, but they both give great conditioning results.  Since my hair is naturally dark brown, the red will not really show, unless in direct sunlight, like a red rinse.  There are plenty of different mixes to get different results.  (Henna will not lighten hair, fyi)

Side note: The Jamilia BAQ rinsed out so easily!! 

My mix will be:

200g BAQ Jamilia Henna
1cup Distilled Water
1 Cup Lemon Juice

 I will let mix sit for 12 hours before application for dye release, let henna marinate on my hair for five hours, apply deep treatment for 45 minutes and then de-tangle and twist.

Other henna mixes

See my first Henna/Indigo application here

Hair before June Henna Challenge:

Application #1 (June 4th, 2011)

Hair Before

Hair After

The color does not really show on my unprocessed hair, but on my lightened tips, the color has gone from orange bronze/blonde to reddish brown.  There are still some spots where the processed color did not change.  I guess those spots are really damaged and dye resistant now. 

As for the texture of my hair, it was really soft and shiny.  I'm currently wearing twists, but i will take them down for a twist out and try a wash n go before my second henna application to get a full picture of my hair proggression.

Stay Tuned for my end results
Allow 24 hours for color to oxidize and show true results!!


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