Thursday, June 2, 2011

Curly Hair Night Time Routine.....Second Day Hair

I am unfortunately still on my quest to figure out second day hair.  Currently my hair is too short for pineapple, throwing it over the side of a pillow, etc.  So second day hair for me rarely occurs and I either have to refresh by co-washing AGAIN or just wearing a puff.  I usually end up with a puff. 

Anyhoo, in another one of my random google searches I came across this video!

She uses the Sue Maesta by Ricky. Click here  ( And these are currently 50% off)  I love a great deal!

Here are some alternative I found.

The ORIGINAL LocSoc by Shades of Color. $12  Click Here
     They offer several designs/patterns and can be worn in several different ways.  They were originally created to protect and style loc's, but many have learned it's different benefits! Your purchase will also come with styling options too, I believe and check out their YouTube channel for video instructions.  This is a great small black business, so let's support!  And the shipping costs are great! 

Etsy Seller Virtuous Creations. $9 & up  Click here
     She offers several different styles and other hat options as well.  I'm kinda interested in her turban hats ( scared to commit).  She also has her own website as well here.  This is also another small black business, so let's support!!


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