Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lip Scrub Recipes

Lip scrubs help removed dead skin, thus revealing smooth kissable lips!!  This will help with dry, chapped lips, smooth lipstick or color application as well!  I don't know about you, but I hate feeling that rough feeling when I rub my lips together and when my lipstick looks cracked.

Recipe #1
  • Brown Sugar
  • Raw Honey
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera Gel
FYI: I would keep this refrigerated becaue I used pure Aloe Vera Gel from Lily of the Dessert, which needs to be refrigerated.

Recipe #2
Recipe #3
  • Petroelum Jelly/ Unpetroleum Jelly
  • Brown Sugar/White Sugar

Ways to personalize:
  • Add Mica for color
  • Add Flavoring ( banana, orange, vanilla)
  • Use a desired oil and/or butter( shea, mango, cocoa)
  • Use Chapstick or something similiar

  1. Mix ingredients in small bowl
  2. Place in storage container of choice
  1. Take small amount on finger tip and apply to lips
  2. Scrub gently ( if using raw honey only, you can use an towel or toothbrush to help)
  3. Rinse scrub off and apply lip balm


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Gel - My Recipe & Review

So, I tried the DIY conditioner recipe, but of course I personalized it and confused the amounts of guar gum and xanthan gum, lol, so I made a gel, OOPS. Here's what I did and FYI I was being totally lazy and didn't do all that formulating so bare with me, lol.


  • 4oz Distilled Water
  • 2 tsp Shea Oil
  • 1tsp Castor Oil
  • 1tsp DL Panthenol  conditioner
  • 1 tsp Sodium Lactate humectant
  • 1/4 tsp Guar Gum
  • 1/4 tsp Extraordinary XG
First I want to explain the Extraordinary XG, this is a derivative of Xanthan Gum (XG) and I had some so I decided to use it( I don't like to waste), but it gave the mixture a jelly like consistency.  I also used more oils, since my hair is very dry.

  1. Mixed liquid ingredients in pyrex measuring cup
  2. Add Oil(s)
  3. Pour Liquid into blender
  4. Start mixing liquid phase of recipe, while slowly adding in Guar Gum and/or XG( this will help w/ hydration of GG and XG and avoiding flakes)
  5. Mix
  6. Let sit for 2 minutes and blended some more (allows guar gum and XG time to hydrate)
  7. Let sit for 5 minutes and blended some more
  8. Poured into 4 oz plastic jar.
  9. Refrigerate

There was some left overs so I used that to test the PH and twist my hair for a twist out.  PH=7/7.5 ( these PH strips are not easy to read, ugh)

My Review and Recommendation:
  • Store mixture in a bottle with dispensable top to help reduce contamination since I used no preservatives( eliminates hand in jar)
  • Pour mixture into bottle before it fully thickens( makes transfer less messy and avoid contamination) or use the baggy method to transfer mixture
  • Eliminate the Extraordinary XG, makes mixture gel like instead of creamy leave-in
  • I personally would store in the refrigerator no more than a week and definitely not past 2 weeks because I use no preservatives, but you can add your own preservative to be safe. 
  • It felt gooey too, kinda like Kinky Curly Custard , but it dries better on the hair ( no gooey sticky residue)
  • Add Guar Gum and/or Xg slowly,, don't just dump it in water phase
I tried this recipe for a twist out.  I only dampened the hair with water for detangling and then applied the mixture.  I must say this is more like a moisturizing gel.  The hold is great and my twist out is very defined and moisturized.    The only thing I would be aware of is applying too much( I can get heavy handed).    It will flake up a little, but not very bad.( the flakes may also be due to my not following step 4 and just dumping GG and XG in still water, thus allowing it to clump a little)

I'm going to try using this mixture this weekend for my mini twists and as a base for a deep conditioner(I'll add more water, EVOO, Coconut Oil and maybe an egg).  I might also try this for shingling style.

Update:  I used this for both the deep conditioner and my mini twists.  I liked the hold and as a moisturizer for my mini twist, but it caused flakes later own.  As a base for a deep conditioner, not so much.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Importance of PH and Hair Styling Results

This video is really helpful in helping me figure out my hair regimen and always getting the desired results.  PH is so important.  Depending on what hair style you are trying to achieve, KimmayTube suggest the follow product PH levels for desired hair results. 

Desired Hair Results
Fuller &Strecthed
PH Level = 6-7  (Neutral)
Smooth & Curly Hair Cuticle
PH Level = 4-5.5 (Acidic)

As you saw here, I learned how to make my own hair conditioner.  I first planned to use this method to only make my deep conditioner and with no concerns about PH levels, but after watching the video on the post, I figured, why not make a leave in too?

I was previously using the neutral method according to this video but looking for the results of using acidic products.  My previous styling regimen was moisturize with water and seal it with oil.  I mean I liked some of my twist outs, but somedays I wanted a smoother look. 

The KimmayTube Leavein Recipe: Source
2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred conditioner (silicone free)
2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional. I sometimes do without it)
2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil
Mix well.

What I don't like about this recipe is the store bought conditioner, since they all need some type of preservative and may contain synthetic ingredients, etc.  So when creating your formulas, just try using acidic ingredients, i.e. aloe vera juice and test the final recipes PH to gage what results your recipe will give you.....  Sounds like I might be doing my own experiment to test this theory out!!

You can use your own variations of her recipe, so I will take the general idea of the PH balanced product and create my own leave in and deep conditioner minus the store bought conditioner.  Stay Tuned for my results!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Ayurvedic Butter Pomade ( Hair & Body)

I got inspiration for this recipe from my Ayurvedic Shea Butter Hot Oil Treatment post and going through my stash and finding all these un-used herbs and oils.  This recipe can just be used for fun to switch up your usual butter recipes, on occasion!  I usually don't like to use shea butter on my hair, but I'm going to give it another try since I might have been a little heavy handed before in application and as you know, a little goes a long way with Shea butter, lol!


Phase 1

Coconut Oil  5%
Castor Oil  5%
Shea Butter 60%
Mango Butter 3.7%
Bringraj Oil  10%
Jojoba Oil Infusion (Nettle,Hibiscus, Brahmi, & Amla)  15%

Phase 2
Vitamin E Oil 1%
Rosemary Extract  .3%
Other Oils for making an Infusion: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil', Sunflower Oil, Flax seed oil, Sesame oil


  1. Make Herbal Infusion (1 cup dried/powedered herbs and 8oz Carrier Oil)
    1. Using a double boiler gently heat the oil and herbs for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with stainless steel spoon    Make sure heat is low so as not to cook the herbs and oil, thus causing rancidity.
    2. Let cool and then strain infusion and place in cobalt glass jar, label with date. ( Keep Refrigerated or in cool area)
  2. Measure out each oil using a digital scale and place into stainless steel bowl.
    1. For example, jojoba oil 23.4% of 4oz would = .94oz. 
  3. Place Oil mixture into double boiler and add butters.  Let mixture heat on low until butters melt.  Not too hot though
  4. Measure out each part of phase 2 and place into stainless steel bowl
  5. Let oil mixture cool a little and add Vitamin E Oil, Stir
  6. Add Phase 2, Stir
  7. Allow mixture to cool and place into sterilized jar.  Label with date. 

I would make small amounts, especialy due to the herbs. My formulations are for my fun and have not been tested for sell, etc.  Please practice GMP and avoid getting water in pomade to avoid mold!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Natural Hair Gel Videos

Here are some helpful vidoes I found on youtube making the different types of natural hair gels posted here.  These vidoes are vloggers renditions and personalized recipes that can give you some inspiration in creating your own recipes.

Guar Gum/Xanthum Gum

Flaxseed Gel

Liquid Pectin

Flaxseed Gel & Fruit Pectin

Aloe Vera Juice & Fruit Pectin