Friday, September 2, 2011

Ayurvedic Butter Pomade ( Hair & Body)

I got inspiration for this recipe from my Ayurvedic Shea Butter Hot Oil Treatment post and going through my stash and finding all these un-used herbs and oils.  This recipe can just be used for fun to switch up your usual butter recipes, on occasion!  I usually don't like to use shea butter on my hair, but I'm going to give it another try since I might have been a little heavy handed before in application and as you know, a little goes a long way with Shea butter, lol!


Phase 1

Coconut Oil  5%
Castor Oil  5%
Shea Butter 60%
Mango Butter 3.7%
Bringraj Oil  10%
Jojoba Oil Infusion (Nettle,Hibiscus, Brahmi, & Amla)  15%

Phase 2
Vitamin E Oil 1%
Rosemary Extract  .3%
Other Oils for making an Infusion: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil', Sunflower Oil, Flax seed oil, Sesame oil


  1. Make Herbal Infusion (1 cup dried/powedered herbs and 8oz Carrier Oil)
    1. Using a double boiler gently heat the oil and herbs for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with stainless steel spoon    Make sure heat is low so as not to cook the herbs and oil, thus causing rancidity.
    2. Let cool and then strain infusion and place in cobalt glass jar, label with date. ( Keep Refrigerated or in cool area)
  2. Measure out each oil using a digital scale and place into stainless steel bowl.
    1. For example, jojoba oil 23.4% of 4oz would = .94oz. 
  3. Place Oil mixture into double boiler and add butters.  Let mixture heat on low until butters melt.  Not too hot though
  4. Measure out each part of phase 2 and place into stainless steel bowl
  5. Let oil mixture cool a little and add Vitamin E Oil, Stir
  6. Add Phase 2, Stir
  7. Allow mixture to cool and place into sterilized jar.  Label with date. 

I would make small amounts, especialy due to the herbs. My formulations are for my fun and have not been tested for sell, etc.  Please practice GMP and avoid getting water in pomade to avoid mold!


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