Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does your hair smell good?

So, yesterday at the gym, my personal trainer couldn't stop smelling my hair.  I know this sounds weird but he loves when women hair smells good...it was nice since one of the reason I hate working out is stinky sweat...

Anyhoo, this made me think back to my old relaxed, hair grease wearing days, LOL.  I remember growing up, that all the white girls hair smelled good and when they walked by or shook their heads you would smell strawberries, etc.  I wanted that, but I couldn't figure out how.  I washed my hair with some of the same products, but the smell wouldn't stick.

Now that I'm natural, I have figured it out, I 'm not piling my hair with stinky greases, burning it with a bunch of heat and processing it chemically.  My wash and goes are simple and allow for me to keep the smell of the conditioners, now.  I also add essential oils to my mixtures and I get compliments all the time about how my hair smell, especially when I use lemon grass.

At first I would be self conscious when people would, say, what is that smell?, ( especially when I used tea tree oil), but then they would follow-up the question with positive reviews.

I found a article by Cosmo that found men enjoyed good smelling hair over perfumes...interesting.

Guys Uncensored: What’s Overrated vs. What’s Underrated

So, what does your hair smell  like and has that changed for you since you started using natural hair products? 

Do you find that people want to touch or smell your hair more? 
And do you find men smelling your hair?



  1. Dear how you use lemongrass essential oil? Can you plz tel me.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Essential oils need to be added to carrier oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, etc. They cannot be applied directly to skin/hair because they are very strong and will call irritation except a few like lavender, I believe.

    I use it for the fragrance, but it has other benefits as well. Just add 5-10 drops to the oil phase of your mixes! Mixes will need shaking if water based before each application.