Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY: Reusable Jar Labeling System

Labeling your jars is really important, especially for me because I forget when I made things and when I need to discard of recipes.  I have been using paper labels, but hate what happens when you wash the jars, so here is a cool alternative I found recently. 

Chalkboard labeling.  You can use chalkboard paint, spray paint or contact paper.  Which ever works best for you, I can't decide if I want to use contact paper or spray paint.  I'm concerned the contact paper won't stay with washing so, I'm leaning toward the spray paint.

Personalize your labels with shapes!!  Here are some links below!

DIY Chalkboard Label w/ Chalkboard Paint

DIY w/ Chalkboard Contact Paper

DIY w/ Chalkboard Spray Paint


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