Friday, February 4, 2011

Create Your Own Using a Base

Some of you might know that I have been really intrested in creating my own shampoo lately, however after reading all this information on bacterial, mold, etc. growths that occur in unpreserved water based products I have been scared off from creating them myself.  Because I do this for my own pleasure and have no desires about selling my recipes, I am not willing to pay all the money required to find that right recipe with the correct preservative and amounts.

So why not let someone else figure it out, right?

Look for good base soaps that interest you and contact the seller about the percentages of additives that you could add to the base without compromising the soap and preservative.  Some natural vendors will have this information included in their product decriptions or you could just ask them.  Some Etsy vendors offer custom orders also!  Be careful to look at the ingredients list for base products becasue some are not all natural and contain harsh surfactants.

So instead I have decided to buy base soaps and add my own herbal blends that I desire to make it my own!!!

I recently order Liquid Black Soap and Shea Butter Liquid Soap from Shea Essentials to test my theory.  If I like the soap(s), they provide the option of buying the soap base in bulk!! So you can buy a years supply and cut down on shipping costs, thus being green!

I also like that she tells you the amount of additives you can add to her product and most importantly, SHELF LIFE ( If your a germaphobe like me and get easily scared by health info, this is important to know!)


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