Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Natural Preservatives Part 2 ( Antioxidant Examples and descriptions)

Antioxidants: reduces the rate of oxidation in oils.  Oxidation occurs when natural oils and ingredients are exposed to oxygen, thus causing the oil/natural ingredients to degrade and/or spoil.  Anti-oxidants can be added directly to your oils or during the oil phase of your oil-water based recipes. 

One thing to note about antioxidants is once you open the jar and expose the oils to oxygen, oxidation begins, therefore every time you open the jar for daily use, antioxidants efficacy can decrease.


Rosemary Antioxidant Extract 
As a preservative, add .15 to .5 % of our undiluted Rosemary oil extract to your products
Shelf-life/Storage: Five years in closed pack under cool storage conditions and exclusion of light.

T-50 Vitamen E Oil
 T-50 has a higher content of gamma tocopherols and can be used at a rate of .04% or 400ppm to adequately protect your oils

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Disclaimer:  These posts are just the result of my research.  I make no claims on know all the answers or the best answers to your questions.  Use These posts as reference and do your own research.


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