Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deep Pore Cleansing Strips

We all know that blackheads suck, especially for those with oily skin and enlarged pores.  If your like me, there is only so much cleaning, exfoliating and detox masking you can do.  I have tried to keep a steady regimen and although I must say my current regimen has reduced m breakouts and pores, I still see black heads and enlarged pores.  For this I break out the Biore Blackhead strips.  I like these because you can actually see the results, the black heads and whiteheads on the strip after removing. 

This is a cheaper way to do this at home, instead of in a spa.  I wish I could get one of those suction things like they have at the spa...... Anyhoo.

Use after a great facial steam and/or cleansing!

Follow this Link for a cheaper DIY  natural pore cleansing

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