Friday, January 14, 2011

Thin Hair Remedies

A reader requested some ideas on how to remedy thin hair, so here are some things I researched and currently using on my own hair.

Henna Treatments/Henna Gloss
Lemon Water Spray using a whole lemon and distilled water
Trim Hair in Layers
Flat beer and Lemon/or Lime Spray
Beer Rinses
Extensions- Just use a few to fill the hair in
Styles like Twist out, etc
Castor Oil
High Frequency Treatments-  Stimulates scalp and healthy hair growth.  My mom uses it and her new growth is much thicker
Ayurvedic Herbs
Limit hands in hair
Limit tight hair styles
Use protective styles that will give your hair a break

Spray Volumizing sprays at roots for styling


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