Friday, October 21, 2011

Ayurvedic Butter- Lazy Way

Cold weather equals a need for heavier oils and/or butters, so here is the easy Ayurvedic butter I whipped up as promised!

FYI- I call this the "lazy way" because I didn't make any of my own oil infusions.  Instead I used purchased Ayurvedic oils.

I didn't really formulate/measure this, but just poured until my heart felt content so bear w/me.  Kicking myself for not taking the time to measure this recipe out, ugh!


4 tbsp    Vatika Coconut Oil  (ayurvedic coconut oil)
1/4 cup  Cocoa Butter         
1 Cup    Shea Butter            
1/4 Cup Mango Butter         
1/3 Cup Bringraj Oil            
1/3 cup  Jojoba Oil & Almond Oil Blend w/ Grapefruit & Lavender EO
1 tsp      Vitamin E Oil         
1tsp       Veggie Glycerin     

I didn't want this butter to be to oily so I tried to keep the oilier oils to minimum.


  1. Soften cocoa butter in double boiler
  2. Measure & add each ingredient and add to glass or metal mixing bowl
  3. Using hand mixer, blend ingredients until butter is soft in fluffy
  4. Place butter in clean and sterilized jar for storage.

Be careful not to get water in butter to avoid mold.

I have used this butter for twist outs, mini twist, sealing my end, as a pomade and for my skin when in a rush lol!!  And it Rocks!


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