Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Herbal Hair Grease

This is for those with dry scalp and/or like to oil their scalps.  I must say, I haven't oiled my scalp really since I went natural.  This is like the hair grease that you find in drugstores minus all the petrolatum, mineral oil and other chemicals.  I made this similar to how I made the unpetroleum jelly. 

This recipe was requested by my mother, who has scalp issues and loves her hair grease.  Plus she was tired of hearing me talk about the petrolatum in things and said I should just make her something.  She just wanted a hair grease with tea tree oil, but I had to add more herbal benefits, since I've had these herbs for months and haven't really used them.  ( See links for each herbs benefits)

I made  4oz jar to try it out.


Phase 1

Jojoba Oil   23.5%
Castor Oil   24%
Shea Oil      23.4%
Beeswax     3%
Vitamin E Oil 1%
Olive Oil  Infusion(nettle & hibiscus)  23.4%

Phase 2

Preservative  .5%
Rosemary Extract  .3%
Tea Tree Oil   .3%

At the last minute I decided to add 6 drops of Lavender EO for smell.


  1. Make Herbal Infusion (20% dried herbs and 80% Carrier Oil)
    1. Using a double boiler gently heat the oil and herbs for 2 hours, stirring occasionally with stainless steel spoon    Make sure heat is low so as not to cook the herbs and oil, thus causing rancidity.
  2. Let cool and then strain iinfusion and place in cobalt glass jar, label with date
  3. Measure out each oil using a digital scale and place into stainless steel bowl.
    1. For example, jojoba oil 23.4% of 4oz would = .94oz. 
  4. Measure out Beeswax
  5. Place Oil mixture into double boiler and add beeswax.  Let mixture heat on medium until beeswax melts.  Not too hot though
  6. Measure out each part of phase 2 and place into stainless steel bowl
  7. Let oil mixture cool a little and add Vitamin E Oil, Stir
  8. Add Oil & beeswax mixture to Phase 2, Stir
  9. Add EO if desired
  10. Allow mixture too cool and place into sterilized jar.  Label with date. 

Preservative should give it shelf life, but I did not have this officially tested by a chemist. 


After using this grease for the past few days, I must say I like the feel, but it lacks staying power like the petroleum laden ones you find at beauty supply stores, etc.  This means you just have to apply daily or every other day depending on your scalp.  It gives the scalp a very soothing feel and tingle(tea tree oil).  I have been using it to keep my hair moist, while wearing a protective style and sealing the ends of my braids. 

I will be changing the formula around next time for for staying power though!!  I must say I am very surprised by this recipe and would have never thought to make it, if it weren't for my mother...


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