Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simple Skin Lotion

(he really looks like he's enjoying this spritz, lol!)

This "lotion" is very simple to make and very light.  Using either hydrosols, distilled water with essential oils and/or extract blends, just add vegetable glycerin.  Veggie glycerin is a natural humectant and a little goes a long way.  It can be used in hair and skin care products.  You can use this as a hair, body or facial lotion.  You can also add it to toners if you like also. 

Recipe Example:

95%   Rosewater/ Rose Hydrosol
2.5%  Veggie Glycerin
.5%    Preservative

You can increase or decrease the amount of v. glycerin depending on skin type and personal preference. 

When chosing your ingredients remember use water soluble extracts and add some type of emulsifier with EOs or just shake well before every application.


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