Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Lip Products Summary

I have made several different posts about  making lip products so here is a summary and links to all my posts regarding creating your own lip products.

Depending on your preference and desired results, there are several different methods of lip product application and several ways to create formulas.  The possibilities are endless depending on your favorite ingredients.  Whether you are keeping it sipmle and just using oils and wax or adding the more complex conditiong aagents like cetyl alchol or want a harder product, etc.  See here for possible lipstick formula and comercial comparison. 

Typical Natural Lip Product Ingredients:
  • Carrier Oils
    • Castor oil for shine
  • Lip Safe EO
  • Flavoring Oil
  • Sweetners (Honey, Glycerin, Stevia)
  • Butters
  • Waxes & Emulsifiers
    • Beeswax, Candelilia wax, Caranuba wax (higher metling point), Polysorbate # etc
  • Lanolin
  • Complex additives
  • Preservative/Anti-oxidants:  Currently only parabans are approved-go figure.  Plus, many popular natural brands only add antioxidants (vitamen e oil & rosemary extract, etc)
    • I have read people recommend phenexthanol products, but in my research I get conflicting info about toxicity regarding lip safety so, I'm staying away from it.  Keep in mind much of our lip procucts are ingested due to its location.  I know we aren't literally eating our lip stick but hwo doesn;t lick their lios on a occasyion or eat/drink while wearing lip gloss...anyhoo!
  • Color additives
  • Stick base- Versagel
If you don't want to bother with creating your own base, just buy one.  Several companies out there make lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm bases.  I am currently only making my own because I have all this dang beeswax to use, lol!

Methods of application
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lips Stain
  • Lip Balm
  • Medicated Lip Balm
  • UV Potection Lip Balm
  • Lipstick
  • Liquid Lip Colors (new trend)
    • sort of a lipstick and  Lip gloss hybrid
Product safety:  To be safe discard products every 2 weeks(pots)-2monthes depending on application method and oils used.

As always I recommed eliminating hand in jar and using sterile utensils during formulation. For your softer liquid formulas use pots, lip gloss tubes (squeezies and brush applicators), roll-on bottles.  If using a lip pot, use a lip brush (keep clean) or disposable q-tips or lip brushes.  For your harder recipes use lip balm and lipstick tubes.

Lip Blam Recipes:  here, here, here
Lip Gloss Recipes; here
Coloring Lip Products

How to sterilize your area and utensils

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