Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY Shaving How To

Shaving can be a pain in the butt for multiple reasons.  Not only are many hair removal products full of chemicals, but they cause skin irritation as well, i.e. Nair ( that stuff kills my skin).  Many of the cans of shaving creams are wasteful as well and cost too much for the amounts you get.  So, here is a cheap and easy way to shave and avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs, etc.
  • Prep skin with oil/butter.  Rub into skin so that it is absorbed.  Some recommend exfoliation prep to get rid of dead skin too, but I've never done that. 
    • This helps with allowing the blades to pass over the skin smoothly ( stop razor burn), while moisturizing the skin.  I randomly used my current OCM mixture because I was being lazy and didn't want to look for my other oils/butters, but  it worked great, lol!

  • Apply soap/cream and shave  ( Many recommend using a shaving brush to assist with spreading the cream and skin absorbing moisturizing ingredients)

  • Apply After Shave
    • I made a Aloe Vera Gel w/ tea tree oil blend.  FYI:  You really need to dilute the tea tree oil in the aloe, otherwise it will burn, lol!  Lessons learned!
    • The Aloe Vera gel cools and soothes skin and tea tree oil acts as antiseptic & antibacterial preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

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