Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tyra Banks - Vaseline Frenzy

I know she can be over the top sometime or all the time, but she does work in the beauty industry where beauty and perfection is key!!



  1. Wow, lol! "Your wildest dreams have come truuueee!!!"" ROFL!

  2. Vaseline is made from PETROLEUM---that's right---petroleum, as in gasoline, engine block grease, motor oil, etc..... BAD, BAD, BAD on your skin or hair!!! NEVER, EVER use it on babies! There are so many natural, HEALTHY alternatives to PETROLEUM jelly, why would anyone EVER want to use it on themselves. It even degrades condoms and so it is recommended that you never use it as a sexual lubricant. Research it---the stuff is just plain bad for you!!!!

  3. Dealing with the genital herpes really fucked me up on so many occasions till i finally beat the virus permanently with the help of Dr.Ogudugu on youtube