Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Sale

Sodium Lactate 5 oz (humectant)
Aphogee Shampoo ( used 1-3x)
Aphogee 2 mintue Constructer ( used 1-3x)
Jasmine Oil 95% full
DL Panthenol 4oz ( conditioner, 95% full)
Extraordinary XG 2oz( thickener and makes gel) 95% full
Neem Powder (never used)
Optihphen ( preservative)
Liquid Germall Plus ( preservative for gel and water containing formulas)
Leucidal Liquid 1oz(natural preservative, never used)
Tinosan SDC 1oz ( natural preservative & deodorant) never used
Shikaka Powder (box never used)

Sesame Seed Oil ( never opened)

May need to update w/some more. I'm cleaning out this stuff. Nothing wrong with the items, just don;t want it anymore.

I also posted on the curly nikki forum, so first come  first serve.  I would prefer to sell all at once!

Just send me an email:  tresmoi11@gmail.com

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