Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Oil

This hair oil is what I use to seal my ends after I wash and lightly french twist my hair to stretch my natural curl pattern out; no gel needed and for sealing in daily moisture routine.  I also just use shea oil on it's own when I'm not trying to be fancy.  Leaves my hair soft, shiny and moisturized! 

Because my current regimen is very moisturizing, I find that I don't need as much stylers to hold my curl pattern.  Currently I have been liking my twist outs better just using oils rather than flax seed gel, when I have time to let my hair fully dry. 


70% Shea Oil
10% Jojoba Oil
10% Coconut Oil
5%Castor Oil
5% Vitamen E Oil
5% Rosemary Extract
EO optional

Like most oils, this too can be used for the skin, but it will be a litlle oily, so beware!


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