Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beer Soap

I recently purchased beer soap from Whole Foods and it was Great!!!(Tony the Tiger Voice, Lol!)   I used it as a shampoo bar, but it can be used on body as well.  It was made by Ethically Engineered, a local Chicago based soap maker.  They have an etsy shop too, which was actually how I learned about them.  I was so excited to find them at my fav, Whole Foods.  Ethically Engineered is a green company that makes vegan, all natural soaps, etc.  All of his products are green, including packaging materials.

As for the soap bar, it left my hair clean, but not stripped at all.  I had gel piled up in my head (I'll get to this later) and my scalp was hurting from not shampooing in so long, but it made my hair feel so soft and I didn't feel like I had to pour half my conditioner bottle on my head to replenish the moisture. 

Since I braided my hair up immediately after for extensions, I can't really see the results of the shampoo, but the fact that it didn't leave my hair dry and brittle, I likey!!

See Ethically Engineered Esty shop here.

I'm also interested in buying their shaving kit, it is so cool and GREEN on so many levels!!

Here is their product description:
At a hearty 8oz this bar is twice the size of a common soap bar and will last quite a bit longer than the frothy pint that inspired me.

This soap brings you the sensations of a stroll through the pubs of Northern Ireland in all their majesty. Using organic and vegan stout beers this bar fits squarely in the working man's calloused hand. At the dawn of the Industrial revolution, and throughout, hearty stouts were the liquid bread and energy of the factory. Mill Workers to steelworkers clamored out of the factory doors and into their cherished pub to recharge.

Now the natural properties of vegan beer help to nourish the skin and hair. Vegan beer soap? That's right! This soap has been mixed with vegan stout beer and castor oil. Our soap is made from scratch, using the cold process method. Handmade soap contains moisturizing emollients and will leave your skin fresh and soft.

Life. Drink it in.

How can beer help my hair? Glad you asked! I get this question a lot and really enjoy talking about the other ways that one can enjoy beer. When you use beer on your hair, its natural ingredients coat each strand and lend hair-nourishing benefits. In addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malt and hops are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body. Meanwhile, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine.


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