Monday, May 2, 2011

Natural Styling Gel

This formula is from The Herbarie.  I gave it my first try this weekend and this stuff is THICK, OMG!  I used some this morning for my edges and in some spots it is still plastered to my head, lol.  Anyhoo, despite it being too thick, it shows some great potential.  My hair waved up really pretty in the front when I tried it( I used the smallest amount possible).  I will try again and decrease the amount of extraordinary xg, though.  Formula below represents less extraodinary xg thant the herbaries formula.


Phase A
  • Distilled Water 97.5%
  • Extraordinary XG  1%
Phase B
  • Dl Panthenol 1%
  • Liquid Germall Plus  .5%
Really easy to make though, measure out ingredients and stir watter while slowly adding e/ xg.  Add phase B.

Note:  After using the herbarie's formula, I noticed build up in my hair, which I did not like, so I will try the E. xg at a smaller amount soon. 

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