Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bronzing Lotion

This lotion will give your skin that natural glow or sun kissed look, we all like so much.  It is very simple to make.  Just use your favorite store bought or handmade lotion and make your own bronzing lotion for a fraction of the price!

Un-petroleum Jelly
Bronze and/or Gold Mica  1/2 -1 Tsp

Depending on how you want the lotion to look after application you can use the mica at different amounts. You can also use whatever color mica (s) you want depending on your complexion.  This method also applies to making your own tinted lip gloss.  Your otions are endless with mica colors!

Simply add mica to lotion and stir.

I got my mica's from Coastal Scents!

This is gold mica on my skin.  It will give my skin glow and reflect light!


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