Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Pomade/ Whipped Butter

This pomade can be used for both skin and hair honestly.  But for hair, it can be used to help style hair in twists,wash n gos, etc, lay those edges down and seal in moisture.  You can also mix this with flaxseed gel to make your own curly pudding, but I would suggest you make that in small amounts because flax seed gel must be refrigerated and has a short shelf life.

20% Shea Butter
10% Jojoba Oil
20% Cocoa Butter
15%  Mango Butter
5% Castor Oil
20% Coconut Oil
5% Rosemary Extract
5% Vitamin E Oil
EO optional

This mixture is of oils I like for my hair, but could be used for my skin as well.  If I were to make this whipped butter for my skin, I would add/substitute almond/avocado oil. 

I'm also really interested in trying Jojoba butter. I'm not a real fan of shea butter for hair most days, but I like it at the same time for it's weight and staying power in the winter months.

  1. Take Butters an oils and weigh out each
  2. Place butters in double boiler or microwave(at low power) and allow to soften, not melt. 
  3. Add Coconut oil, jojoba oil, Castor oil 
  4. Remove  mixture from heat source
  5. Pour mixture into glass bowl
  6. Begin mixing for 5 minutes
  7. Allow mixture to cool and solidify a little
  8. Mix again for 4-10 minutes or until fluffy
  9. Add rosemary extract and vitamin E oil
  10. Mix
  11. Place pomade in desired jar and store in cool & dry area

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