Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY Face Wash

It's summer and the OCM method leaves my oily skin feeling oily, lol! and covered no matter how many times I rinse/wipe, so I've been looking into other natural soaps,etc.  I've currently been using up the last of some Mary Kay products I purchased over a year ago, but I'm not going to buy them again.

I like black soap, but I just have not went to get any( the brand, Dudu-Osun, I like isnt sold commercially at all, so it's usually a search) so I'm going to try castile soap.

My recipe: 

19% Dr. Bronners Castile Soap w/ Lavender
6% tbsp Jojoba Oil (moisture)
75% Distilled Water  (Dilute if too strong and drying) Optional
Lecithin ( natural thickner & stabilizer) Optional

I will follow this up with Witch Hazel(astringet & toner) and Aloe Vera Gel(moisturizer)!!

You can add EO's, honey, ACV, Witch Hazel, etc.  Just find what you like and mix it up!!


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