Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY Nail Polish

I have been on a search for "good" nail  polish lately.  Something that doesn't chip five minutes later.  While shopping for a grey matte like polish, all I could find was silver, glitter and metallic polish.  As I was getting frustrated ,my  thirteen year old cousin( might I add it was his birthday and he was ready to shop and get home for his party.dinner) tells me to just buy one white polish and a black one and mix.  I looked at him for a few seconds and gave him a hug.  I never thought about creating my own polish.

A few days later I found frakening.  Frakenpolish is when you create your own polish using different ingredients.

Follow this link for Frakenpolish 101 from the blog, Dr. Frakenpolish.

Some photos below from Dr. Frakenpolish:


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