Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY Teeth Whitening...Naturally

If you love coffee like, me or just like pearly whites, here are some natural ways you can whiten your teeth.   I tried the Baking Soda and toothpatse today, but my mom and I are really interested in the strawberry recipe, just for fun, LoL!  

FYI:  When using these it is important to brush afterwards and rinse so that you aren't leaving the acidic strawberries/baking soda on too long.  This will damage your teeth enamel. 

Others also mention using straight baking soda might irritate your gums due to its texture, so mix it with toothpaste. 

Teeth Whitening Recipes:

Baking Soda - make a paste with water or just sprinkle on toothbrush-  Brush normally and follow-up with regular toothpaste

Baking Soda w/ Toothpaste-  Sprinkle on toothbrush w/toothpase- brush normally

Baking Soda and Ripe Strawberry Pulp-  Take ripe strawberry and mash.  Add baking soda and brush normally.  Follow-up w/ regular tooth paste and floss to remove strawberry seeds. 

Ripe Strawberry Pulp- mash ripe strawberry and apply with toothbrush.  Brush teeth normally with toothpaste after and floss to remove seeds.

I will post additional recipes soon!



  1. I just brushed my teeth last night with Baking soda, my child watched in horror. I LOVE to drink herbal tea and my teeth are proof of that. I just remembered the other day that Baking Soda is good for whitening your teeth. Do you know how often I should do this? Or should it become part of my daily routine, regular tooth brush in the morning and baking soda at night?

  2. no more than 2x/week!! and don't leave on teeth too long because it will cause damage, so no longer than a normal brushing time, maybe two minutes give or take!

    hope this helps!

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