Thursday, June 30, 2011

Henna Application #4 (End of 1 Month Challenge!!!)

Just did my last henna treatment for my 1 month challenge!!  Yay!!  Doing this treatment every weekend was starting to get on my nerves a little because of the time it required. 

For my last treatment, I did it a little different.  Instead of mixing the henna the night before and applying it 12 hours later, I mixed the henna up Thursday night and froze it the following morning until Friday night, when I took it out to thaw and applied Saturday morning.  I then washed my hair and applied the henna and sat under the dryer for 2 hours to speed up the process and get on with my weekend plans.  I also did not do a follow-up deep treatment, but instead loaded my hair with conditioner and went on with my day.

My hair is not dry at all, so I say this last treatment, with all my abbreviations worked quite well. 

As for the entire henna month challenge,  I feel my hair is much more conditioned and maintains moisture much better and longer.  My hair also feels strong and soft, with great sheen and styling my hair is much easier and the frizz factor has been reduced greatly.  I have experienced little to no loosening of my curl pattern, but that is my experience so far!

I love my red tips too and have begun sitting in the sun to help brighten the color.  As I said before, indoors my hair looks black with reddish brown tips due to my previous dye job, but outside the hair has a slight red tint with intense red tips!!

I like the color and will continue these treatments monthly.  Here is a picture of my hair styled in a wash n go right after henna treatment ( on my way to Nordstroms Rack, my hair will not mess with shopping , LOL)

Later that day I styled my hair in doodles using the Curly Like Me method.  The only product in my hair is conditioner.  You can either wear your hair like this and/or take the spirals apart for a coil out!  (Like a super easy straw set)

                  Outside                                                                          Inside

You can achieve this style simply by taking a piece of damp hair with conditioner and twirling it around your finger.

See post here for pics of my hair at the beginning of my 1 month challenge. 


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