Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you are anything like me and have sensitive skin and/or keloid, you cannot have pierced ears.... ;-(.  This can be a pain sometimes, because you are limited to cheap earrings from Claire's or old looking grandma's from your local department stores. 

These are your options:

Find someone who makes cute clip ons like Wisdom Work's and other Vendors on Etsy or just DIY.  Find a cute pair of earrings and convert them, or make you some from scratch or other cute items you find.  I found this cute set or bow earrings I'm thinking about converting!!!

Supplies Needed:
Earrings (Whatever material  you are trying to making into an earring)
Super Glue maybe for those studs????

Converting Earrings Article (Converting Earrings Article (Another Method))


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Great vid, love her jewelry. I might have to take a trip to Chicago for some! If you ever have any DIY jewelry project questions, don't hesitate to email me at

  2. Hi, I suffered from ear allergies as well. After thinking, much like you, that I would never be able to have pierced ears, I did some extensive research. First of all, get your ears pierced at a professional piercing shop, one that specializes in piercings, and does absolutely nothing else. They do all sorts of insane piercings in very sensitive spots, so the ear lobe isn't a challenge. Secondly, do not use any alcohols or perfumed lotions or oils to clean your ears. Use a saline solution, salt and water. It's what is used for injuries. Getting your ears pierced is like a self inflicted wound, if you want to think of it that way, alcohol will just irritate them. Which leads me to the next topic, wear titanium or niobium or surgical steel earrings. These materials are used in people for medical reasons. So of course your ears won't react to them, if people get titanium rods put in their legs without being allergic. This worked for me like a charm. As one who used to buy annoying clip ons, I appreciate titanium earrings even though they do limit your selection, my ears don't have any reactions. Good luck!