Monday, January 31, 2011

Herbs For Weight Loss

Here are some herbs to assist you in weight loss,  I have personally used ginger and herbal tea blends to curb cravings and laxatives.


Alfalfa- aids digestion and stops food cravings

Amla Fruit- antioxidant, blood tonic, laxative and nutritive.  increases lean mass while reducing fat

Burdock Root- improves elimination of waste in body, detox/fasting tea

Cayenne Fruit- speed up metabolism and aid in weight loss

Chickweed- laxative and liver cleansing.  Dissolves plaque in blood vessels and fatty deposits in the body.  Reduces inflammation and detoxifies body.  Add to juice, salads, soups, etc

Cinnamon- circulatory stimulant and diuretic

Dandelion- blood purifier, improves fat metabolism, diuretic

Fennel Seeds- prevent weight gain, curb appetite

Flaxseeds- curb hunger, lubricate colon and improves bowels movement.

Garcinia Fruit- thermogenic, curb hunger.  Stops body from turning carbohydrates into fatty acids. Helps body burn calories, reduces appetite, enhances digestion

Ginger- aids in digestion of starches and fatty foods

Green Tea- diuretic and thermogenic.  Prevents blood from clotting

Guar gum- laxative, lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels, slows down absorption of carbs, decrease hunger.

Guggula- promotes bowel regularity, flexibility, circulation, secretion of digestive juices and increase energy
Gymnema- "sugar destroyer", block sugar absorption during digestion.  Diabetic should consult their physician before use

Hawthorn- digestive aid, heart tonic, strengthen joints, linings, collagen, etc

Hoodia- makes you feel full

Nettle- improve acne, cellulite and obesity.  Tone and firm tissues, muscles, arteries and skin, curb appetite and cleanses toxins.  Energizing

Psyllium seeds- laxative and stool softener.  create feelings of fullness, curb appetite.  use with plenty of liquids because it will cause constipation.  Use in between meals

Yerba Mate- cleanses blood, decreases appetite

Source:  Beauty by Nature by Brigitte Mars

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