Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY Chafing /Diaper Rash Cream

This is a cool recipe I found in one of my recent Internet searches!  This is good for those that are very active, runners, diaper rash, etc! You will find many renditions of this recipe on runners boards.

  • protects skin from chafing
  • can help heal the skin
  • helpful with blister prevention.
  • Low cost and effective

As mention before in other post, Vaseline is good for chafing and diaper rash, but here is a way to personalize or improve it and make your own cream!

A& D Ointment 40%
Vaseline 40%
Vitamin E Oil 10%
Aloe Vera Gel 10%

Mix equal parts A & D ointment and Vaseline
Add vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera  oil

While in the baby isle I decided to read the labels of the bottles and they were mainly petroleum jelly with A&D present in small amounts.  There were also chemicals listed I know little about or feel like typing out.  I also came across one that was cocoa butter based instead of petroleum jelly, Whoo Hoo....right?  Well as I read further down in the Inactive ingredients( at home, I might add) I found PARABENS, LOL!  Got caught up by the cocoa butter, but it gave me an idea(light bulb), Ha!


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