Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Un-Petroleum Jelly II

This recipe is much "thinner" and great for hair "grease" formulations and a lighter/high shine lip gloss than my first un-petroleum jelly formula.  This formula is just a collection of different oils used with less beeswax.  I found that I liked this formula better for lip gloss and body application, but that is just my preference. 


Just follow the instruction from the Un-petroleum Jelly post! 

FYI: How much beeswax needed changes depending on the oils/butters you use and your personal preference.  Some oils are heavier/than other!


Phase 1

Jojoba Oil   23.5%
Castor Oil   25.4%
Shea Oil      23.4%
Beeswax     3%
Vitamin E Oil 1%
Coconut Oil 23.4%

Phase 2

Rosemary Extract or Vitamin E Oil  .3%
Mica/Beetroot Powder optional
Flavoring optional

Note:  From experience, When adding mica,  for a transparent/sheer color effect add to lip gloss during cooling phase(still liquid like)  For more intense color, (like high shine lip stick) add after it has cooled (solidified).  I will make a post to show the difference soon!
Try out different oil combos and beeswax amounts to see what works best for you!!


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