Monday, August 1, 2011

Updated Skin & Hair Regimen

Here is my updated Skin & Hair Regimen. 

The reason behind the changes were the hot & humid weather here in Chicago and getting tired of too much product in my house and simplifying my regimen.

Skin Care Regimen:
  • Wash Face 2x daily
  • Use Toner after every wash
  • Exfoliate 3x/week ( replaces 1 daily washing session)
  • Facial detox 1x/week
  • Use gelatin mix whenever I remember
  • OCM to remove makeup only
  • Moisturize body w/ Skin Oil
  • Moisturize Face w/Aloe Vera Gel
  • Use MOM's as primer & oil mattifier occasionally when wearing makeup
Skin Products:
Witch Hazel
OCM ( only use at night to remove makeup)
Cleansing GrainsII, I (exfoliation) 
Bentonite Clay
Aloe Vera Gel ( facial moisturizer)
Herbal Spritz or Rosewater w/glycerin (sets makeup, toner, and moisturizer)
Skin Oil

Hair Regimen:
  • Wash 1-2x/month
  • Lightly french twist 1-2x/week
    •  to stretch natural curl pattern
  • Rinse hair 1x/week w/ water 
    •  remove sweat from working out
  • Twist outs whenever I feel up to it or special occasions
  • Protective styling every 2 weeks
    • wigs, crochet or mini twists ( I get bored easily)
  • Moisturize and seal hair daily with Water and Hair Oil
  • Henna occasionally
Hair "Products'
Bentonite Clay Wash 2x/month
Flaxseed gel (when hold is needed)
Water (moisturizer & refresher)
Hair Oil ( sealer & moisturizer)
Hair Pomade ( styler)
Jamilia BAQ Henna

I have really simplified my hair regimen, not my skin regimen so much.


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