Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY Recycled T: Braided Headband

I saw this awesome scarf on a website, but they were charging $68 dollars for it.  Then I remembered that I saw something similar to it on esty, thus realizing I could probably make one myself.

So, I found a couple of blogs that made scarves and headbands out of recycled t-shirts.  I have so many extra t shirts in my house from my college days where every event came with a free t shirt, lol.

While this was my first try and I am not completely enthused, I like it.  My next scarf will be even better!!  I also made a headband out of the sleeve of the shirts, which I like, but need to perfect the closure design. 


  1. Take an old T-shirt and lay flat.  ( size XL, seamless jersey shirts works best)
  2. Using scissors remove shirt hem
  3. Cut 3, 1/2 -1 inch strips.  I just cut freehand, and don't worry about frayed ends.
  4. Take strips and cut one end creating long strips and stretch.  ( ends of strips will roll and hide frayed ends!)
  5. Tie knot on one end leaving some material hanging
  6. Begin Braiding strips
  7. When you reach the bottom, tie a knot leaving some hanging material.
  8. Tie each end of headband to wear!
Voila you have a braided headband!

This is a great way to use old t-shirts around the house or buy some thrifted T's and it's GREEN!

Get creative with your fabric, Tye die it using bleach or dye, use fabric paint, use different materials and designs, incorporate elastic, brooches, etc.


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  1. Great idea! I have a bunch of t-shirt yarn that I haven't used that will be great for this.