Friday, February 4, 2011

I Wish I Hadn't Bought That

We've all done , bought a random product off the shelf or read some amazing product review that promised all these great results, but when you get home and try it, it's a whole different story.

But what do you do with it after you realize it sucks.  If it was a $50 dollar jar of "miracle" crap, I don't know about you, but I ain't throwing away my money or just giving it away.  So,  I say figure out what it's missing and add it. 

If it's too drying, add your favorite moisturizer, if it lacks slip (conditioners) add a little of your favorite conditioner or marshmallow root extract.  The possibilities are endless!!

I recently brought a shampoo last weekend that was too strong and drying for my hair.  It was natural, paraban, sulfate, etc free liquid black soap.  But I was so determined to try liquid black soap that I ignored the product description about being for dandruff, eczema, etc types and bought it.  I don't suffer from these things, but I figured if I didn't like it my mom could use it because she does, right?

Anyhoo, neither of us liked it so, I plan to add some Shea Oil, a touch of Vegetable Glycerin or honey, and Castor Oil to the shampoo to add moisture to the shampoo.

Other Fix it ideas:

Eco Styler Gel too Drying?
  • mix it with an oil, leave-in conditioner or Shea Butter
Greasy Lotion
  • Add more Shea butter to spread it out
  • Add Water and emulsifying wax
Lacks desired Herbal Benefits:
  • Add EO Blends
  • Add Floral Water, Decoction, Tincture, Infusion
  • Add Herbal Extracts

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