Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Current Skin Regimen

Part of the reason for this blog was to share my DIY adventures in creating my own natural skin and hair care regimen.  Here is my current skin care Regimen for winter/spring  ( I will be changing my skin oisturizer and refresher for the summer soon, so stay tuned!)

Daily OCM Cleanser
2-3x week Cleansing Grains w/ Lavender EO and Honey
Witch Hazel and Rose Water Toner( Thayer's brand)
Jojoba/Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer ( I use sparingly because my skin is so oily)  Aloe Vera Gel w/ Fennel Seed Extract
Lavender Water as refresher and to set makeup Herbal Facial Spritz
1x/wk  Facial Steam and Bentonite Clay Mask
Occasional Deep Pore Cleansing/ 2nd Method when I remember

I have been sticking to this regimen as much as possible and I have noticed smaller pores, fewer breakouts, if any, even during the hormonal weeks, lol smoother skin and fewer blackheads and whiteheads.

Pics Coming Soon, I am such a procrastinator, ugh!

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