Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Lip Balm

Lip Balm
20% Cocoa Butter
33% Mango Butter
20%   Beeswax
20% Coconut Oil/Oil Blend
 5% Vitamin E Oil
 2% Honey/Glycerin
       Flavor optional
       Mica optional

I made 2 oz using this formula.  This made me 2; 1/2oz tube (1 w/ bananna flavor and 1 plain), 1: 1/4oz tin and 3: .15oz tubes w/cellini red mica.  Although the mica was red, it came out pinkish when mixed w/ the balm and lip gloss.(lip gloss was unpetroleum jelly with mica)


  1. Measure out beeswax and place in double boiler
  2. Measure out oils and butters ( add butter(s) last)
  3. Keep fire low so not to over cook butters and increase probability of rancidity
  4. Add Honey
  5. After beeswax, oils and butters have melted, pour into stainless steel bowl or glass pyrex cup(easier to pour)
  6. Allow to cool slightly and add Vitamen E Oil
  7. At this point you can add mica/flavoring/Essential Oils
  8. If you want make some plain and some w/ mica/flavoring/Essential Oils seperate the batch.
  9. Pour into clean and sterilized containers

I also found this cool post about the benefits of beeswax lip balm:see here

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